A fresh Approach to a vintage world

If you want to learn about wine the fun way, you have come to the right place. We teach you not only about wine, but how to discover it for yourself

Here at Cheshire Wine School, we understand that, at some point in their lives, everybody knew diddly-squat about wine. However, many often fall under the spell of the Vino Gods and end up in an ethereal state, compelled to bore a room with tales of a wine that ‘has the essence of white bunny rabbits playing in the dewy Spring morning honey blossom’. At Cheshire Wine School, this is a strict no-no; we are even thinking of creating a ‘pretentious pot’ to penalise anyone tempted to ‘bathe in rose petals whilst rubbing a sweaty saddle’.

Don’t get us wrong, we strongly believe that wine is beautiful, splendorous and should be romanticised until the cows come home. We just don’t believe that enjoying its treasures should be reserved for the dusty, highly-starched elite that often profess to know more than they actually do.

Come with us on a journey of tastings, events and education to recognise wine for what it really is, something to be shared, enjoyed and supped with family, friends, or friends in waiting, something that can transcend the senses and transport food into foodie heaven, something to take with you forever.


Happy plonking!